City Council Committees

Community & Public Relations

  • Chairman:  Leslie Besl
  • Vice Chairman: Bill Woeste
  • Member: Debbie Pennington

Development Services Committee

  • Chairman: Bill Woeste
  • Vice Chairman:
  • Member

Finance & Budget Committee

  • Chairman: Tim Abbott
  • Vice Chairman: Debbie Pennington
  • Member: Craig Keller

Parks, Recreation & Environment Committee

  • Chairman: Debbie Pennington
  • Vice Chairman: Craig Keller
  • Member: Tim Abbott

Public Safety Committee

  • Chairman: Craig Keller
  • Vice Chairman: Tim Abbott
  • Member: Chad Oberson

Public Utilities Committee

  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman: Chad Oberson
  • Member:

Public Works Committee

  • Chairman: Chad Oberson
  • Vice Chairman
  • Member: Bill Woeste

Vice Mayor

  • 2016: Tim Abbott
  • 2017: Bill Woeste

Other Assignments

  • Board of Zoning Appeals
  • Butler County Advisory Health Council:
  • Community Improvement Corporation: Tim Abbott
  • Cultural Arts Advisory Commission: Debbie Pennington
  • Design Review Committee: Chad Oberson
  • Emergency Management Agency: Steve Miller
  • Fairfield Youth Government Advisory Board: Tim Abbott
  • Fairfield/Hamilton Joint Advisory Committee: Steve Miller, Debbie Pennington
  • OKI Regional Council of Government: Craig Keller
  • OKI Regional Council of Governments (Alternate)
  • Parks and Recreation Board: Debbie Pennington
  • Planning Commission: Bill Woeste
  • Route 4 Improvement Implementation Committee: Bill Woeste
  • S.E.L.F (Supports to Encourage Low-Income Families): Bill Woeste
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