Marsh Park Expansion

Marsh Park has operated as a City park on land leased from Martin Marietta since the late 1970s.  In 2017, Martin Marietta donated nearly 140 acres of land, including the 66-acre lake, to the City for use as park property.  Prior to this, the City used funding from the Clean Ohio grant program to acquire the 31-acre Blackbottom property on the west side of River Road in 2005 and another 3 acres adjacent to the park in 2016.  These properties total nearly 175 acres and were studied by The Kleingers Group with input from public meetings to create the Concept Master Plan.

The City is currently exploring options for grant funding for expanding the Great Miami River Trail from Waterworks Park through Marsh Park. Other proposed improvements include expanded parking, watersport access, pedestrian bridge, a multi-use loop trail, event facilities, and a playground.  Improvements will be scheduled over a multi-year timeframe and be included in the City's long-term budgeting process.

Proposed projects currently in various stages of design and/or construction include the dog park/trailhead, roundabout at River & Gray, and a multi-use path extension from Marsh Park to the roundabout.

Project Details

  • Project Bid: TBD
  • Estimated Construction Cost: TBD
  • Contractor: TBD
  • Project Completion: TBD