Code of Conduct - Patron

In order to maintain a high level of service to our participants, the Fairfield Parks & Recreation Department enforces a Code of Conduct that all participants must follow. Fairfield Parks & Recreation Department supports the belief that all recreational programming and experiences should be positive, friendly and safe with sportsmanship, collaboration and enjoyment the primary goal.

To achieve this goal, participants are expected to act with cooperation in creating a friendly and positive environment for recreation and social opportunities in all facilities and programs. To that end, all participants and spectators must be held accountable for their behavior and violation of this Code of Conduct. By participating in Parks & Recreation Programs or utilizing Parks & Recreation Facilities, participants agree that the use of and participation in Fairfield Parks & Recreation facilities and programming is a privilege that can be rescinded for violations of this Code of Conduct. In addition, participants agree to:

  • Treat all parties involved with courtesy and character while respecting the rights, welfare and dignity of all others who are participating in programs or utilizing Parks & Recreation Facilities.
  • Use all City property with care and for its intended purpose and consistent with the applicable rules, guidelines or policies.
  • Understand and follow all established guidelines, rules, policies and procedures applicable to participation in programming and use of the facilities.
  • Follow all instructions or directives of the Parks & Recreation Department staff members.

Participants engaging in inappropriate behavior or violating Parks & Recreation policies are subject to have their privileges of participation and/or membership revoked, either temporarily or permanently, and could potentially face legal action. If Fairfield Parks & Recreation staff determines in its sole discretion that a participant has intentionally, willfully or recklessly violated any guidelines, rules, policies and/or procedures applicable to related programming and facilities, then the participant will be immediately prohibited from further use of the Parks and Recreation Facilities and/or Programs as deemed by the Director. 

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