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City Manager

  1. Citizen Assistance Request Form

    The City of Fairfield is dedicated to customer service and providing resolution to issues and problems residents may experience. If you... More…

  2. Parade or Walk/Run Permit

    For any organization or citizen to request to hold a 5k walk/run at Waterworks Park or a parade through the City.

  1. Open Air or Out-of-Doors Assembly Permit

    For any organization or citizen to request to hold an open air or outdoors assembly

Fire Department

  1. Child Safety Seat Inspection
  2. Fire Safety Inspection Request
  1. CPR Class Registration

    The Fairfield Fire Department provides two types of CPR classes, free of charge, to residents and businesses of Fairfield. One class is... More…

Utility Billing & Collection

  1. Recycling Cart Request Form
  2. Utilities - Landlord Service Transfer

    Utilities - Landlord Service Transfer Request

  3. Utilities - Start Service TENANT

    Utilities - Start Service Request

  4. Utilities - Transfer Service OWNER

    Utilities - Transfer Service Request

  1. Snowbird Application

    FAIRFIELD SNOWBIRD GUIDELINES: •Only residential accounts are eligible for the snowbird program. •To cease billing, you must agree... More…

  2. Utilities - Start Service OWNER

    Utilities - Start Service Request

  3. Utilities - Stop Service

    Utilities - Stop Service Request

  4. Utilities - Transfer Service TENANT

    Utilities - Transfer Service Request