Dain McCune

Public Works
Title: Street Superintendent
Phone: 513-867-4212
Dain McCune

Dain heads the street maintenance and repair service areas, which incorporates a wide range of programs to ensure that citizens are provided a safe, efficient roadway infrastructure that allows travel throughout the city with a minimum of inconvenience. Efforts to enhance roadways and right-of-way maintenance, storm water management, median beautification, and traffic operations are a daily concern.

Maintenance efforts include an aggressive pothole repair program and effective snow removal programs, berm maintenance and other work necessary for existing roadways. Storm water management includes an effective surface drainage program to eliminate storm water from roadways and to control the impact of runoff throughout the city including various storm sewers, and drywells. The collection of leaves from the road right-of-way each fall, as well as an effective street sweeping program are important elements to both roadway safety and drainage control.

Other related assignments include traffic control and signage, striping and pavement markings, maintenance of the Public Works facility, dealing with residential issues and a variety of contracts.

Dain began in construction at age 18, pouring concrete streets, curbs and sidewalks. From there he went to work for an asphalt contractor working with surveying and on the paving crew. He also worked for a smaller asphalt contractor as a Project Manager for the paving crew and pipe laying crew. He began with the City of Fairfield in 1990 and has been in his current position since 1998.

Dain is a member of the American Public Works Association, Street Maintenance and Sanitation Officials of Ohio and Public Works Officials of Southwest Ohio.

Personal Interests/Family
Dain and his wife are the parents of twins. Dain is active as a volunteer with the RASKALS program and as a volunteer coach for the Hamilton-Fairfield Youth Basketball League. 

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