Jason Hunold

Wastewater Treatment
Title: Public Utilities Superintendent - Treatment
Phone: 513-858-7760
Jason J Hunold


As Public Utilities Superintendent, Treatment, Jason directs the operation and maintenance of the City's Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment Plants. The Water Treatment Plant is an Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) Class III Lime Softening treatment facility and the Wastewater Treatment Plant is an OEPA Class IV Advanced Activated Sludge treatment facility which produces a Class B Biosolid that is beneficially reused. Jason's primary objectives as Superintendent are to provide safe and quality drinking water to the City's residents and business owners, prevent water pollution, and to protect the financial integrity of the City of Fairfield's rate payers


Jason began his career in the Wastewater Treatment Industry with the City of Fairfield at a young age. Over the years, Jason has taken part in performing the tasks required within each department at the facility. In 2008, Jason was assigned to the position of Chief Operator where through secession planning he was groomed to become the future Superintendent, and in 2013 Jason was promoted to that role. In 2019 the Public Utilities Department restructured and Jason was assigned to his current position, Treatment Superintendent, where he manages the operation and maintenance of the City's Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants. 

Jason possesses an OEPA Class II Water Supply and Class IV Wastewater Operator certificate. He serves as the official "Operator of Record" of the Wastewater Plant. Jason is active in the Ohio Water Environment Association and Water Environment Federation, and serves as the liaison for the City in dealings with the Ohio EPA.

Personal Interests/Family

Jason lives in Liberty Township with his wife and children. He enjoys traveling, exercising, and spending time with his family.


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