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Fairfield Flyer

The Fairfield Flyer is a quarterly newsletter published by the City of Fairfield and distributed to city residents to keep them abreast of programs, activities and projects being offered or undertaken by the City. View editions of the Fairfield Flyer.

Annual Report

The pages of this report feature community members and employees whose dedication goes far beyond their job descriptions. It is a reminder of why Fairfield is the community it is today. Fairfield’s strength will continue to rest in its unique ability to adjust and modify the way in which the business of the City is conducted as it seeks to meet ever changing demands and needs. Read the the City’s annual reports.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

This report represents and reflects upon the city’s financial operations and condition to the city’s residents, its elected officials, management personnel, financial institutions, city bondholders, rating agencies and all other parties interested in the financial affairs of the city. For more information view the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports page.

2018 Fairfield Annnual Report FRONT COVER