Civil Service Commission


2nd Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. in the Municipal Building

Current Commissioners

Richard Fox - Chairman

Brian Wood - Vice-Chairman

Tonya Charles - Member

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The Fairfield Civil Service Commission is responsible for administering and enforcing Civil Service laws adopted by the City as well as those of the State of Ohio. The Commission is composed of three citizens who are appointed by the Fairfield City Council and serve in the manner provided for in Ohio Revised Code (124.40) and the City Charter.

The Commission is also responsible for oversight of the hiring process for certain positions in the City. Police Officer, Firefighter/Paramedic and most of the non-exempt, hourly positions are classified under Civil Service. As such, they require Civil Service examinations and the establishment of eligibility lists from which candidates are to be hired. The appointed secretary of the Commission arranges for and conducts the examinations and maintains the eligibility lists for the benefit of appointing authorities.

The Civil Service Commission is also responsible for positions in Fairfield City Schools. For current job opportunities at Fairfield City Schools, click here.

Announcements of Civil Service examinations are made in or on the local news media, the City’s social media sites, bulletin boards at the Fairfield Municipal Building and the Fairfield Lane Public Library, and the job opportunities page.

Eligibility Lists

Eligibility listings are available for the civil service tests listed below. Eligibility listings are posted only after the Civil Service Commission has approved the ranking.

Current Eligibility Lists

  1. Account Clerk I-Clerk I Eligibility List
  2. Account Clerk II Promotional Eligibility List 12.8.2022
  3. Animal Control Officer
  4. Building Inspector 10.10.19
  5. Cook Eligibility List 5-12-2022
  6. Clerk I-Account Clerk I Eligibility List 11.9.2022
  7. Clerk I - City of Fairfield (5-13-21)
  8. Clerk II Promotional (Police Department) 4-8-2021
  9. Clerk II 7-27-2022
  10. Clerk IV 8.9.22 Eligibility List
  11. Cook Eligibility List 1.12.23
  12. Cook Eligibility List 11.10.2022
  13. Construction Inspector Eligibility List 12.17.22
  14. Construction Inspector 11.10.20
  15. Custodian - Fairfield City Schools (PDF)
  16. Data Entry 6-6-2022
  17. Deputy Fire Chief August 2017
  18. Dispatcher Eligibility List 12.19.22
  19. Dispatcher 6-28-2022
  20. East Head Custodian 6.19.19
  21. Eligibility List for Major
  22. Fire Captain (PDF)
  23. Fire Chief Eligibility List 10.13.22
  24. Firefighter Paramedic 7-27-2022
  25. Fire Lieutenant Eligibility List (6-10-2021)
  26. Firefighter Paramedic REVISED Ranking List 1.12.23
  27. Firefighter Paramedic Eligibility List 12.8.2022
  28. Greenskeeper 8.31.22 Eligibility List
  29. Head Cook 7-27-2022
  30. Head Custodian 9.8.22 Eligibility List
  31. Laboratory Technician (5-13-21)
  32. Maintenance Electrician (PDF)
  33. Maintenance Worker Laborer 6-27-2022
  34. Mechanic 2018
  35. Operator Maintenance Worker REVISED Eligibility List
  36. Operator Maintenance Worker Eligibility List 11.17.2022
  37. OMW Eligibility List 2.11.21
  38. Police Officer Ranking List 1.12.23
  39. Police Officer Ranking List 8.10.22
  40. Police Chief 2017.pdf
  41. Receptionist Eligibility List 10.14.21
  42. Secretary II - Fairfield City Schools (8-13-20).pdf
  43. Secretary III 6-1-2022
  44. Sergeant Eligibility List 5-12-2022
  45. Turf Mechanic (PDF)
  46. Zoning Inspector Eligibility List 3-10-22