How Do I Apply

These steps outlined will assist you in understanding the process of applying for a Civil Service position.

Step 1: Advertisement of Examinations

Dates, times and locations of Civil Service examinations will be posted and advertised. Exam postings can be found at the Lane Library, the City of Fairfield Municipal Building or on this website.

Most exams are advertised through the Journal-News and Cincinnati Herald. Other newspapers, such as The Cincinnati Enquirer and Dayton Daily News, are also utilized on occasion.

Step 2: Adhering to the Application Deadline

The exam posting and advertisement will include a deadline date for filing the application.Civil Service Exam 2013

The application must be received and time-stamped/dated no later than the deadline date. There are absolutely no exceptions to this deadline for filing your application.

Step 3: Submitting Your Application

Applications for City of Fairfield and Fairfield City Schools must be submitted online. To do so, please visit our Current Job Openings page. You can only apply for jobs currently posted as open and accepting applications. 

Step 4: Applicant Notification of Exam

Once the deadline has been met and applications are logged, the Civil Service Secretary will send an e-mail to each candidate confirming the date, time and location of the exam.

After the exam, the Civil Service Commission will certify a list of eligible candidates ordered by a score that reflects the exam results and any other factors relevant to that position. View current eligibility lists.