Brush & Limb Pickup

Every April to October, the Public Works Department provides a Call-in Brush and Limb Pickup Program to Fairfield residents. Residents wishing to have brush and limbs picked up can arrange to do so by contacting the Public Works Department at least one week in advance of the scheduled pickup areas.

Pickup Schedule

The three pickup areas will be the same as those used for the City’s leaf pickup program; however, pickups will be scheduled (starting the first Monday of each month) as follows:

  • The first week of each month - areas west of Pleasant Avenue (U.S. 127)
  • The second week of each month - areas between Pleasant Avenue and Winton Road
  • The third week of each month - areas east of Winton Road

No pickups will be scheduled the last week of each month to allow for machinery repair and scheduling for the following month. The Call-in Brush and Limb Pickup Program will continue through October.


The following requirements have been established to ensure the safety and efficiency of the program. 

  • Service Limits: This program is intended to provide residents an option for normal trimmings and storm damage disposal.  Residents contracting with professional tree trimming and removal services should include disposal in their contract since the City is unable to accommodate major disposal needs.
  • Brush must be at the curb by 7 am on the Monday of the residents’ collection week.  Once crews collect brush on a particular street, they won’t be back until the following month.
  • Limbs should be no longer than 10 feet and placed with the cut ends in the same direction.  Place limbs parallel to the roadway.
  • Small branches will be considered brush and must be tied and bundled with natural fiber cord that is biodegradable (cotton, linen, or twine). Bundles tied with wire, plastic, or nylon cord will not be picked up. All materials will be run through a chipper, so please ensure that there are no foreign objects (i.e., metal, building materials, rocks, etc.) included as these could cause damage to the equipment or injury to those operating the equipment.
  • Each bundle must not be heavier than 60 pounds and must be placed between the curb and sidewalk or at the edge of the roadway, not in the curb line or on the pavement. Placement of debris in the street is a traffic and safety hazard and is a violation of City Ordinance. 
  • Do not park in front of curbside brush piles. Piles that have blocked access or are obstructed by vehicles may not be picked up.
  • To schedule a pickup, call or fill out the form at least one week prior to the scheduled pick-up week. Calls and/or emails will be accepted up to 5 p.m. the preceding Monday. All calls and emails must contain name, address, and telephone number.
  • The program is limited to one pickup per household during each area pickup week.

Larger Limbs or Significant Quantities

The City has several brush dumpsters available upon request to be utilized for larger limbs or significant quantities of brush. This program provides residents a dumpster box, to be loaded by the property owner and disposed of by the City. For more information, visit the Large Brush Items page or call 867-4200.