Leaf Collection

This program provides free leaf collection services to residents who place leaves in rows or piles between the curb and sidewalk or adjacent to the street in areas not having curb and sidewalk.

Leaf Collection

Collection Process

Leaf collection will begin the first full week of November in Zone 1, followed by Zone 2 the next week, and Zone 3 the week after. This rotation will continue until the first week in January when all zones have had three collections. 

Depending on the volume of leaves, collection crews may be seen working outside the zone scheduled for that week.  Rest assured, they will make a full pass of each zone during its scheduled week.

2022 Dates


November 7 thru November 11
November 28 thru December 2
December 19 thru December 23


November 14 thru November 18
December 5 thru December 9
December 26 thru December 30

STREETS EAST OF WINTON ROAD:                           

November 21 thru November 25
December 12 thru December 16
January 2 thru January 6

Stormwater Quality Requirements

Please do not place leaves in the curb and gutter or street. Due to new storm water quality requirements necessitated by the Phase 2 Storm Water Quality Program mandated by the Federal Government, leaves can no longer be placed in the street. This will prevent contamination to storm water runoff which can pollute streams or the aquifer which supplies our drinking water.

City Requests

Residents are advised to not place leaves in the street, as gutters and storm sewers can become blocked and cause localized flooding during moderate to heavy rainfall. Please help make the collection program run as smoothly as possible by raking your leaves between the curb and sidewalk, or in areas without curb, adjacent to the street. 

Also, please do not park in front of or near the piles between the hours of 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. as the trucks/equipment cannot reach them, those piles will be left until the next scheduled collection week. Do not place grass clippings, sticks, limbs or brush in with your leaves. These items can clog and damage our equipment and could injure workers.

Due to the large volume of leaves, crews may run a little bit behind schedule from time to time, but please have leaves raked to the curbside by the posted dates. Additional information will be provided with residents utility bills, on channel 18.

Brush Zones