Terrorism Awareness

Terrorism is the use of violence to intimidate a government or civilian population in furtherance of political or social objectives. The history of modern terrorism spans a diverse range of people, cultures, and beliefs. Therefore, terrorists are more likely to be detected while they engage in suspicious activity, and not by their appearance or what they say.

Terrorists often live among us while preparing for their attack. They rely on equipment, surveillance, and "dry runs" that make them vulnerable to detection by alert citizens. You should report any suspicious activity to the Fairfield Police Department, paying particular attention to activity around government offices or public works facilities.

Reporting Suspicious Activity

Follow these suggestions when reporting any suspicious activity:

  • Never endanger yourself while observing suspicious activity.
  • Never confront anyone involved in suspicious activity.
  • Take written notes of what you observed to increase accuracy.
  • Report why the activity is suspicious.
  • Report the information to the police immediately.

Be Prepared

While a terrorist attack within the City of Fairfield is unlikely, you should be prepared in the event that a disaster strikes our community, natural or man-made. Consider subscribing to the CodeRED Alert Network. This free service will alert you by phone of any emergency within your area. You may also visit the Homeland Security and Ready Ohio websites to learn more about how to prepare you and your family for any type of emergency.