Article II



The City shall have all the powers that may now or hereafter lawfully be possessed or exercised by municipal corporations under the Constitution and laws of Ohio. Title to all property shall be taken in the name of the Municipality.


All powers shall be exercised in the manner prescribed in this Charter, or if not so prescribed, in the manner provided by ordinance or resolution of Council. When not prescribed in this Charter or by ordinance or resolution, then the powers shall be exercised in the manner provided by the laws of Ohio until Council provides a different manner of exercising the powers.


The powers of the City under this Charter shall be construed liberally in favor of the City and the specific mention of particular powers in the Charter shall not be construed as limiting in any way the general powers stated in this Article.


(A) In carrying out any lawful function or power of the City, the Council may, by a majority vote of its members, authorize the execution of contracts or in any other manner provide for cooperation or joint action, between the City and other governmental units or agencies thereof, whether at the State, federal or local level.

(B) The powers granted by this section shall be liberally construed to authorize intergovernmental cooperation, but shall not authorize the avoidance of the provisions of this Charter concerning taxation or initiative or referendum.