Public Involvement & Participation

These 5 activities develop public support and improve the effectiveness of the stormwater program:

  1. Public hearings: An initial public hearing was held on January 14, 2003. A 2nd public hearing will be held at the end of the 5-year permit term to update the public and city council on the status of the program and receive additional input.
  2. Formal adoption of the plan by City Council: The stormwater quality management plan was formally adopted by the Fairfield City Council in February 2003.
  3. Storm drain marking: The city marks storm drains on curb inlets throughout Fairfield.
  4. Tree planting program: The City of Fairfield has been recognized as a "Tree City" by the National Arbor Foundation since 1995. A key activity in the City’s reforestation program is the use of volunteers to plant trees on City property. The City will continue its support of this program with a goal of planting at least 50 trees annually.
  5. Stormwater Hotline: The City has designated a contact person to receive questions and complaints regarding stormwater quality. If you have a question or comment about a stormwater quality issue, please call 513-867-4200 and ask for the city engineer. Or you can send an email message to Storm Water Management.