Capital Improvement Program


The proposed 2023 to 2027 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for the City of Fairfield, submitted in accordance with Article VI, Section 6.02 (A)(6) of the Fairfield City Charter. This program provides City Council with a comprehensive plan of capital improvements that are being considered by the City over the next 5-years. Cost estimates, financing methods, and recommended time schedules for the improvements are included in the program and are referenced by individual project.

2023 - 2027 Capital Improvement Program

The 2023-2027 Capital Improvement Program continues the City’s strategic approach to capital investment. Prudent fiscal policy and investment strategy has allowed the City to continue this comprehensive program in order to continually address the needs of the City. The budget for the 2023 CIP is 34,136,645. The five (5) year Capital Improvement Program lists $115,511,621 in projects planned through calendar year 2027, with 74% or $85.25 Million anticipated from City funds and 26% or $30.26 Million anticipated from outside funding, such as grants or debt.

Funding for the Capital Improvement Program comes from a variety of sources, including the General, Capital Improvement, Street Improvement, Downtown Development, Water and Sewer funds, (among others) as well as outside funding sources.