Budgets & Reports

Tax Budget

The annual tax budget is prepared and presented to Council in mid-July. This budget is required by State law and is available for public inspection.

Operating Budget

In the fall, the proposed operating budget for the next fiscal year is presented to Council at two Council-Manager briefings. A public hearing is then held to discuss the budget at the beginning of the next Council meeting. At the final Council meeting for the calendar year, the legislation to adopt this budget for the next calendar year is presented to Council. Passage of this legislation prior to the beginning of the year allows the City to begin operations on January 1 without requiring a special meeting of Council to pass the budget. Discover more about the City of Fairfield’s Operating Budget.

Capital Improvement Program Budget

In the spring, the proposed Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget for the year is presented to Council at a Council-Manager briefing. This budget is a comprehensive program covering five years with discussions focusing on projects planned during the current calendar. The remaining years are meant as planning tools to plan for the future. At the next Council meeting, the legislation to approve the CIP budget for the current year is presented to Council. Passage of this legislation allows for bidding and work to begin on capital projects and purchases. View the CIP page of Fairfield.

Finance Reports & Data

Annual Information Statement

This statement pertains to City operations for the previous calendar year. This statement is issued on an annual basis in connection with the offering and issuance of bonds and notes by the City. Any questions regarding this statement should be directed to Scott Timmer, Finance Director. View more details by viewing the Annual Information Statements.

Comprehensive Annual Report

This report represents and reflects the City’s financial operations and condition for the previous year to the City residents, elected officials, management personnel, financial institutions, bondholders, rating agencies and all other parties interested in the City’s financial affairs. For more information view the Comprehensive Annual Report page.