Eviction Procedure

Notice Details

Notice to leave premises — 3-day notice to be posted on the tenant’s door or handed to the tenant. Complete the notice to leave premises, giving the tenant three full days to vacate the premises. Make copies for yourself and the court before serving. If they do not leave in that time, you may bring your paperwork to the court to start the eviction process.


When you file your paperwork you will need the notice to leave premises, Forcible Entry and Detainer forms and a copy of the lease with the correct filing fee, view the Court Fees page.  

Your filing fee must be cash or money order, no checks. We will need an original and three copies of the paperwork, plus an additional copy for each additional tenant. It is your responsibility to have the necessary copies. Please do not ask the clerk to make the copies for you.

Eviction Hearings

Eviction hearings are held on Wednesday evenings at 5 p.m. Your case will be scheduled approximately 2 weeks from the time you file. (The court staff is not permitted to help you fill out any forms)