Weather Warning Sirens

The City of Fairfield's network of 10 weather warning sirens has been installed to aid in alerting residents of inclement weather.

They will be sounded in the event of a tornado warning in Butler or Hamilton counties. Warnings are issued by the National Weather Service when a tornado is spotted or indicated on radar.

Each strategically placed siren emits a tone of 127 decibels, loud enough to cover a radius of 6,000 feet. In most cases, the sirens are within about 5,000 feet of other locations in the network.
Lightning Strike
Sirens are installed at:
  • Lake Manor Drive
  • River Road/Muskopf Drive
  • Hunter Road/Pleasant Avenue
  • Mack Road/Crestview Drive
  • Nilles/Winton roads
  • Tylersville/Seward roads
  • Seward/Port Union roads
  • Mack Road/Boymel Drive
  • Gilmore Road at Fairfield High School
  • Good Neighbors Park on Walter Avenue
This diagram (GIF) details the coverage area provided by the city's sirens.
Weather Warning Sirens Coverage Area


The warning sirens employ the latest technology to ensure their operation and dependability.

Each has a battery back-up source of power for operation and is activated by radio signals. A computer component at each location immediately verifies that the siren has received the activation signal and is operating properly.

The siren network is intended to alert residents who are outside their residence or place of work. While they may be audible indoors, noise levels inside a building greatly affect a resident's ability to hear the outdoor warning devices.

The sirens are tested on the first Wednesday of every month at Noon, unless there is an active storm threat or other inclement weather situation. This is standard testing procedure in every county in Ohio. Good details about testing are on the Hamilton County Emergency Management and Homeland Security website: