Annual Sidewalk Program

How the Program Works

Annually, certain areas are scheduled for inspection based upon a rotation such that all areas of the city are inspected once every four years. Inspections are performed by Public Works Department employees, and sidewalk sections in need of replacement are marked with paint and recorded.

Once marked, a notice is sent to the property owner by certified mail advising that replacement is necessary. If a replacement has not been made by the deadline date stated in the letter, the City will cause the replacement to be made by its contractor.

Following completion of the work, the owner will be billed by the City’s Finance Department. Property owners have 30 days in which to pay the bill for replacement. If you choose not to pay, an assessment will be applied against your tax duplicate and collected as an addition to your property taxes over a five-year period.

A nominal interest charge on any unpaid balance will be added to the amount of assessment when certified to the county auditor for collection with property taxes.

A brochure with additional information can be found here.