Homeowner Responsibilities

Property owners are responsible for maintaining sidewalks adjacent to their homes and businesses. If you have sidewalk in need of repair, you may be required to participate in Fairfield’s annual sidewalk replacement program. In some cases, it may be appropriate to use cutting technology to repair trip hazards. The City has offered this option to homeowners as part of the Sidewalk Program since 2014. To learn more about this option, see this cutting process informational sheet (PDF).

City Involvement

If you have noticed broken, settled, or missing sidewalks around the City which present a tripping hazard to pedestrians, please make note of the location and contact the Construction Services Division at 513-867-4218 or through the online form.

The City will then contact the property owner about making needed repairs. The Public Works Department works closely with the property owner to identify potential hazards and schedule the replacement work with a qualified contractor, selected through the city’s bidding process.


The sidewalk inspectors inspect the construction work to ensure a quality finished product.

For more information about the concrete improvement program, please call the Sidewalk Inspector at 513-867-4218.