Guidelines for Proper Sidewalk Replacement

  1. Use Class C concrete with air entrainment.
  2. Broom or swirl finish must be used.
  3. Landscape must be replaced if disturbed during installation.
  4. Curing compound must be applied the same day the concrete is placed.
  5. Expansion joints must be placed every 40 feet of newly placed, continuous concrete sidewalk.
  6. Work must be performed according to City of Fairfield standards:
    • Sidewalks are to be 4 inches thick.
    • Sidewalks between driveways and aprons are to be 7 inches thick.
    • Aprons are to be 7 inches thick.
    • Commercial sidewalks between driveways and aprons are to be 9 inches thick.
    • Commercial aprons are to be 9 inches thick.
  7. The Construction Service Division must be notified to perform the necessary inspections prior to placing new concrete.

A Note of Caution

One of the problems with sidewalk replacement is spalling. This damage can occur on newly poured sidewalks due to the use of salt.

The City’s contractor will spray a curing compound on the walk to help prevent spalling from occurring; however, it is a good idea not to use salt on your new walk for the first year. Sand or cinders can be used, as well as a number of non-salt de-icing products.