With the Fourth of July upon us, the Fairfield Fire Prevention Bureau shares the following information regarding Ohio’s law governing fireworks usage and safety tips.

Ohio Law

Ohio law specifically permits the use of sparklers, trick noisemakers and other such novelties. Ohio is 1 of 5 such states that permit the use of "novelty" fireworks. These fireworks can be sold and used anywhere in Ohio. Other "consumer fireworks" may only be sold by a licensed fireworks manufacturer or wholesaler. While they can be purchased by anyone over 18, they cannot be used in Ohio. Purchasers must sign a form agreeing to lake the items out of the slate within 48 "Consumer fireworks" include cone fountains, cylindrical fountains, roman candles, skyrockets, firecrackers, mines and shells, helicopter type rockets, certain sparklers and revolving wheels. Penalties for discharging "consumer fireworks" include fines up to $1,000 and a maximum of 6 months in jail.

The Red, White and KaBoom Fireworks display will be conducted by Rozzi Famous Fireworks on July 3 at 10 p.m. The firing site will be at Harbin Park.

The following tips should help make the display more enjoyable to you, as well as make the display as safe as possible:

  • Spectators should obey all safety personnel and respect the safety barriers set up to allow the exhibitor room to safely do their job. Please resist any temptation to get dose to the actual firing site. In fact, the best view of the fireworks is from a quarter of a mile or more away.
  • Although it rarely happens, it is possible that a firework component might fall to the ground without exploding. Be cautioned not to touch these fireworks. If you happen to find any which have not exploded, you should immediately contact the fire or police department.
  • Leave pets at home if you are going to a fireworks show. Pets have very sensitive ears and the booms and bangs associated with a fireworks display can be quite uncomfortable - particularly to dogs. In fact, the noises can actually hurt their ears.
  • Leave the lighting of all fireworks to the exhibitor. Sparklers, fountains and other items that are allowed for use by private individuals are not appropriate to use when a large crowd is present.