CALEA LogoOn Saturday, July 25, 2015, former Chief Michael J. Dickey and Sgt. Kevin Rednour represented the police department at our triennial review for re-accreditation. At the conclusion, the Commission approved the award of Advanced Accreditation with Excellence for the Fairfield Police Department.

Basic accreditation consists of compliance with 188 applicable standards; advanced accreditation requires compliance with 484 applicable standards. The FPD is a Gold Standard agency.

Award Criteria

The Accreditation with Excellence Award was created by CALEA as a symbolic incentive for agencies to employ accreditation in a manner that sets the benchmark for public safety professionalism. The award has been structured for the recognition of agencies that have met the following criteria:

  • Excellence in the development and implementation of contemporary policies and procedures
  • Excellence in the ability to use the process as a tool for continuous organizational improvement
  • Excellence in the collection, review, and analysis of organizational data for the purpose of improvement
  • Advocacy for accreditation as a strategy for enhancing the professional standing of public safety
  • Excellence in addressing the intent of CALEA standards beyond compliance
  • Organizational cultural supportive of accreditation
  • Standards compliance and accreditation process success

Recipient out of 91 Agencies

Within our review group of 23 agencies, we were one of two agencies receiving an Advanced Accreditation with Excellence Award. In total, 91 agencies were reviewed during this conference.

The assessment team concluded in its report to the commission:

"Overall, the FPD has done an excellent job of building a strong foundation of professional police practices. The agency’s dedication to service with integrity and compassion is commendable, especially in today’s law enforcement world."