Decks & Porches

Before Adding a Deck or Porch

City of Fairfield residents wishing to add a deck or porch to their home must obtain a building permit. The building permit fee will be based on the total cost of the project, for more information view the Building Permits page.

Please note, the following information is for general information purposes only. Residents are reminded that all plans must comply with the Ohio building codes.

Required Submittals

-One copy of a plot plan.
The plan should indicate the location of the proposed project with dimensions of property lines, house and any existing structures.
- One copy of the construction plans.
Deck on the back of a house

Required Inspections

Construction of a deck or porch requires the following inspections:
  • Footing (before concrete is poured)
  • Rough framing
  • Final Inspection (when completed)

Things to Remember When Building

If the structure is to be attached to a house, it may be located in the side yard if it is away from the property line by ten percent of the lot width.

If the structure is to be detached, it cannot be located in the front or side yards and must be six feet from the property line. If an attached structure is planned for placement in a front yard, the required front-yard setback is determined by zoning district, but is typically 30 feet.

Ordinance Requirements

  • No person shall erect, cause to be erected, or permit remain standing, any porch, portico, veranda, stairs, steps, cellar doors, area or other projection, extending over or upon the sidewalk or any street, alley or public highway in the City, provided that council may grant the right to construct area ways under sidewalks upon the condition that they are constructed to the approval of the building inspector (Ordinance 31-59).
  • Except when erected upon solid rock or otherwise protected from frost, foundation walls, piers and other permanent supports of all buildings and structures shall extend to the frost line of 30 inches and spread footings of adequate size shall be provided when necessary to properly distribute the load within the allowable bearing value of the soil. For detached accessory structures, footings shall be at least 18 inches deep (Ordinance 85-83).
  • The basic snow loads to be assumed in the design of buildings or other structures shall be 20 pounds per square foot (Ordinance 85-83).
  • All exposed structures or parts of structures shall be designed to resist the pressures due to wind in any direction equal to 80 pounds per square foot acting normal to the surfaces to which they apply (Ordinance 85-83).
  • Thermal design conditions (Ordinance 85-83) are as follows:
    • Degree days heating (base of 60 degrees Fahrenheit) is 3764.
    • Degree days cooling (base of 50 degrees Fahrenheit) is 3864.
  • Accessory structures added to the principal building shall require a permit. The foundation for such structures shall be set at the same frost depth as the principal building foundation. Roof sheathing shall be 1/2 inch thick minimum and 15 pound felt is required under shingles (Ordinance 85-83).