HVAC Permits

Commercial Projects That Require Plans

Plans are required to be submitted online for all commercial HVAC and mechanical systems including the following:
  • Boilers and heating unit replacements, steam and water piping systems
  • Ductwork systems
  • Exhaust systems including kitchen exhaust and makeup air
  • Gas and oil tanks including piping
  • Gas piping
  • Heating and ventilating and air conditioning systems
  • Industrial exhaust including paint spray booths
  • Process equipment piping and exhaust systems
  • Refrigeration systems
Image of HVAC System on Ceiling

Plan Requirements

Complete mechanical plans shall be submitted separately and in addition to the building permit submittals. The plans shall include the following:
  • Duct layouts (including the duct size and construction)
  • Equipment size and location
  • Penetrations of rated assemblies showing locations of smoke and fire dampers
  • Piping layout and sizing
  • Smoke detectors as required
  • Ventilation air amounts, including outside air (mechanical ventilation and fresh air required shall be tabulated to assure compliance with chapter 4 of the International Mechanical Code)
  • Vents, flues, outside combustion air
Plans are required to bear the seal of a professional engineer or architect. Submittals shall include data, forms and information to show compliance with chapter 19 energy conservation; CABO; model energy code; and ASHRAE 90 1, 1989.

Submittal shall include manufacturing literature, datasheets and details showing weights, clearances, testing lab approvals and certified capacities.


All mechanical work shall be performed by a contractor holding a valid license from the State of Ohio. Contractors are also required to be registered with the City of Fairfield.

Residential HVAC Projects

Residential HVAC projects require a permit, however no plans are required.
An owner/occupant of a single-family dwelling may install systems in their residence without a license, but a permit is still required.

Applicable Codes

  • All HVAC work shall be in accordance with the following codes:
    • Chapter 1337 of the Fairfield Codified Ordinances
    • The OBOA, 1, 2 and 3 family code
    • The 1998 BOCA international mechanical code
    • The CABO model energy code
    • 1993 (MEC)
    • ASHRAE 62 to 189
The permit for the installation of pressure piping systems shall be administered and inspected by the Ohio Department of Industrial Relations, division of pressure piping. The permit for the installation of boilers and unfired pressure vessels shall be administered by the Department of Industrial Relations, division of boiler inspections. Installation of gas piping shall be in accordance with the Cincinnati Gas and Electric installation handbook.