Construction Drawings

City of Fairfield Standard Construction Drawings

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All DrawingsPDFCAD
Table of ContentsPDFCAD
1. Modified Type 3 & Type 3A Catch Basin
2. Trench Plate Detail PDFCAD
3. Trench DetailPDFCAD
4. Standard Pre-Cast Concrete DrywellPDFCAD
5. Sump or Downspout DrainPDFCAD
6. Fairfield Roll-Type Curb and GutterPDFCAD
7. Modified Type 6 "Lawn" Curb, As Per PlanPDFCAD
8. Item 452 Non-Reinforced Concrete Pavement Drive ApronPDFCAD
9. Item 608 Concrete SidewalkPDFCAD
10. Full Depth Asphalt Concrete PavementPDFCAD
11. Utility Service Location DesignationPDFCAD
12. Backflow Preventer General SettingPDFCAD
13. Indoor Meter-Commercial Meter and BFPPDFCAD
14. Outdoor Meter-Commercial Meter and BFPPDFCAD
15. Water Service InstallationPDFCAD
16. Residential Meter PitPDFCAD
17. Fire Hydrant Installation (Page 1/2)PDFCAD
18. Fire Hydrant Installation (Page 2/2)PDFCAD
19. Casing PipesPDFCAD
20. Restrained Joint LengthsPDFCAD
21. Thrust BlockingPDFCAD
22. Interior Fire Line Double Check Detector AssemblyPDFCAD
23. Fire Line Meter Vault with Double Check Detector AssemblyPDFCAD
24. Service Line DetailsPDFCAD
25. Force Main HDPE Lateral Assembly with Stainless Steel Curb Stop (1-1/4" & 1-1/2")PDFCAD
26. Force Main PVC Lateral Assembly with Stainless Steel Curb Stop (1-1/4" & 1-1/2")PDFCAD
27. Two-Way Clean Out (For Sanitary and Storm Applications)PDFCAD
28. Gravity Sewer Creek CrossingPDFCAD
29. Standard Manhole (Page 1/2)PDFCAD
30. Standard Manhole (Page 2/2)PDFCAD
31. Standard Control ManholePDFCAD
32. Dead End ManholePDFCAD
33. Drop ManholePDFCAD
34. Pipe ConnectionsPDFCAD
35. Force Main Drop Connections in Existing ManholesPDFCAD
36. Force Main Lateral InstallationPDFCAD
37. Force Main Grinder Pump InstallationPDFCAD
38. Force Main Terminal Flushing ConnectionPDFCAD
39. Force Main Flushing Connection on LPSS MainPDFCAD
40. Grease Interceptor-Oil/Water Separator (Baffled)PDFCAD
41. Exterior Door IdentificationPDFCAD