Smart Meters

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Smart Meters

Fairfield's Public Utilities Department recently awarded a contract for the replacement of all 13,000+ water meters in the City. Most existing meters in the City are well over 20 years old and are near the end of their useful life. All the new meters will be "smart" meters provided by Master Meter - which will give water customers access to real-time usage information. Among other things, customers will be able to see hourly water usage rates, get alerts for possible leaks, and set alarm thresholds for high usage - all though a simple smart phone app. Meter readings will be collected automatically - twice daily - through a licensed radio transceiver system called Harmony - Allegro

The City's contractors for this project are Ferguson Water Works and Professional Meters Inc. (PMI). As most of the water meters in Fairfield are located inside homes or businesses - often in basements - the contractors will need inside access to perform their work. Letters, door hangers, and social media posts will be used to communicate with customers to schedule appointments so that meters can be replaced. 

Mandatory Water Meter Upgrade

Project FAQs:

  • What will this cost me?  Nothing.   There is no cost to the customer for the new meter.  
  • What do I need to do?  Once you receive a letter from the meter installer (PMI), please respond promptly to schedule a service appointment.  You may schedule online or by phone; see image of a sample letter.  
  • When will this happen? The contractors will start installing new water meters in June 2022.  It is expected the project will take 10-12 months to complete. 
  • What if my meter is inaccessible or blocked? City code requires that your water meter be accessible at all times. If your meter is obstructed, please make immediate arrangements to clear the obstructions.
  • How long will the service technician be in my home?  A typical meter change-out takes about 20 minutes. 
  • Can I opt out of this? No. All water meters in the City must be replaced.  The existing meters will not work with the new meter reading system.
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