Investment and Infrastructure

As Fairfield's water and sewer infrastructure ages, and as environmental and health regulations become more stringent, the Fairfield Public Utilities Department remains committed to maintaining and updating its assets. Below is a list of some planned capital improvement projects, and the estimated cost of each, that will enable Fairfield to continue to provide critical services to all customers now and in the future.

Water - 2018
  • Raw water production well maintenance: $60,000
  • Water plant clarifier painting: $200,000
  • Small water line improvements: $150,000
  • Replace major process equipment: $160,000
  • Distribution system improvements: $325,000
  • Water tank maintenance: $590,000
  • Raw water well field improvements: $300,000
Sewer - 2018
  • Sewer lining and rehabilitation: $114,000
  • Wastewater treatment plant electrical improvements: $10,000
  • Wastewater treatment plant building improvements: $43,000
  • Biosolids dewatering equipment and facility upgrades: $750,000
  • Homeward Way sewage lift station upgrades: $500,000