2024 Annual Overlay

The City’s overlay program is an annual maintenance project that replaces deficient curb and resurfaces old pavement. Each year, streets are selected to be included in this project based on the current condition and age of the pavement. Residents, businesses, and motorists can expect temporary delays and closures as crews perform the necessary work. 

This year's paving program received $950,000 in funding from the Ohio Public Works Commission.  

Streets for this year’s curb and overlay include:

Street Extents
Nilles Road Southgate to Pleasant Run Bridge
Mack Road Ross to Boymel
Old Gilmore Road Route 4 to South Gilmore
Augusta Boulevard Firestone to Resor
Cog Hill Drive Augusta to Palm Springs
Palm Springs Drive Augusta to Terminus
Nicholas Court Palm Springs to Terminus
Knollridge Court  Augusta To Terminus
Woodtrail Drive Augusta To Terminus
Woodcreek Drive Augusta To Terminus
Casa Loma Drive Augusta To Terminus
John Gray Road Pleasant to Gray
Cody Court John Gray to Terminus
Carousel Circle John Gray to Terminus
DDC Way Northpointe to Terminus
Stockton Station Drive Seward to Service Drive
Stockton Station Lane Route 4 to Tollgate
Tollgate Court Terminus to Terminus
Essex Orchard Station Seward to Terminus
Oliver Knoll Court Essex Orchard to Terminus
Walker Lane Essex Orchard to Terminus
Kohn Drive Seward to Boymel
Olde Stations Court Kohn to Terminus
Jupiter Drive Terminus to Terminus
Jupiter Court Jupiter to Terminus
Planet Drive Crestview to South Gilmore
Planet Court Crestview to Terimus
Neptune Way Crestview to Saturn
Venus Lane Jupiter to Neptune
Astro Place Crestview to Terminus
Saturn Court Jupiter to Terminus
Saturn Drive Planet to Jupiter
Reswin Drive Terminus to Resor
Morningside Drive Resor to Happy Valley
Whitmore Lane Route 4 to Terminus
Goodman Drive Whitmore to Alec
Alec Drive Whitmore to Goodman
Josie Court Whitmore to Terminus
Point Pleasant Park 2001 Resor

Project Information

  • Curb Contractor: TBD
  • Curb Budget Price: $1,100,000
  • Pavement Contractor: TBD
  • Pavement Budget Price: $2,506,068
  • Estimated Completion: Late Summer/Early Fall 2024